Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

My name is John Montgomery, a.k.a. "Mista John" to my friends. I'm an LA drummer/producer/educator, specializing in keeping things nice and fun on all fronts.

I play music with my band, The Virginia City Revival, which is pretty much the house band for JACKASS and a strange act by most people's standards (check out: www.myspace.com/thevirginiacityrevival for more info). It's a band with TWO DRUMMERS so get ready for a ride.

I also work at WEST LA MUSIC in the Drum Department. Basically this means I can help you find gear at really great prices (and lots of hard to find items). Feel free to ask me about gear via email at johnm@westlamusic.com

Like I said, this spot is about having fun. I'll be making sure to tell interesting stories, offer cool perspectives on all things drums/musical, and even post a few special sale items we have at the shop!

And as I have freinds from all over the world, we should be able to keep a nice little network going...all for the betterment of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Drums...

Thanks again for coming by, now on with the show...

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